Case Study: Amry-Navy 2019

Creative direction, graphic design, motion design
Project Overview
Every year, Navy debuts a new uniform for the Army-Navy game. 2019 was the first time NavyFB changed it's entire design to fit the theme of the uniforms. The theme was "Bound By Brotherhood" and the uniform design by Under Armor celebrated Navy's two Heisman winners Joe Bellino and Roger Staubach.

As the Director of Creative Design, I knew we had to change all of our social graphics to fit our normal in-game social media coverage with the new uniforms.

My Contributions
  • Create and Maintain Visual Style
  • Collaborate on Key Deliverables
  • Use existing design assets to create a unique style
  • Manage Multiple Projects
  • Plan and Execute Social Media strategy around the 2019 Army Navy Game

The uniform reveal video was done in conjunction with Under Armor and Navy Athletics marketing. Our goal was to help draw attention to the uniform as well as generate interest in merchandise sales.  The video has over 120k views on Twitter, making it one of our most popular Tweets ever.

Art Direction: Molly McManus/Kevin Slattery
Shot By: Kevin Slattery, Sydney Sims
Edited By: Kevin Slattery, Sydney Sims

In the days and weeks leading up to the game, it was important to make sure our new graphics were distinguishable from the rest of our 2019 look. This is where we introduced the new color palate, lock up, and fonts. Our thought process was to have the two stripes on the lock up (and throughout the graphic language) match the two stripes on the jersey and helmet.

The Army-Navy game is the most important game of the year for both service academies. Navy's alma mater always ends with the Midshipman yelling "BEAT ARMY!" at the end of it. "BEAT ARMY" is etched on weight plates. It is the only FBS football game on television. Because this game means so much not just to Navy fans, but to those serving in the Navy across the globe, we knew how important it was to take the action of this historic game and represent that with a robust graphics and media package.

Blast from the past

The entire theme of the uniform was pulled from the 60's so we needed motion graphics to match. These had to be turned around fast to be ready for game time. The card was modeled after the 1963 Fleer line of football cards. 1963 was chosen since it was the year Navy Quarterback Roger Staubach won the Heisman Trophy.


A total refresh of the Navy Football social media to fit the new 2019 Army Navy Uniforms.

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