Case Study: Amry-Navy 2020

Creative direction, graphic design, motion design
Project Overview
In a joint effort with Under Armor and Navy Athletics marketing, we changed over the entire Navy Football social branding to match our 2020 Army Navy uniforms. This year's theme was based around the architecture of the Naval Academy. From the golden seal of Bancroft Hall to the "Ocean Camo" by the Under Armour design team, this design presented a new take on a proud history. My role was to lead Art Direction along with Molly McManus to deliver creative worthy of one of the biggest match-ups of the year
My Contributions
  • Create and Maintain Visual Style
  • Collaborate on Key Deliverables
  • Use existing design assets to create a unique style
  • Manage Multiple Projects
  • Plan and Execute Social Media strategy around the 2020 Army-Navy Football Game

Shot on location in the Severn River across the the Naval Academy, the uniform reveal video made waves across the county. We were able to bring in Matt Bergbauer to help bring the idea of the "Power Of The Sea" to life.
Art Direction: Molly McManus/Kevin Slattery
Shot/Edited by: Matt Bergbauer

The 2020 Army-Navy graphics were designed to take elements from the uniform and translate them to social. The top and bottom slides incorporate the "Ocean Camo" design as well as the indentation featured on the shoulder of the jersey. The gold logo lock-up is similar to our standard lock-up, however it features a gold texture to match the gold of the facemask.

Part of the challenge of this game was to maintain the regular content of Navy Football's social media updates, while using the new branding to match the uniforms. Here is a selection of the graphics posted to Navy Football's social media during the game.


A comprehensive rebranding of Navy Football social media to match the unique look presented on the field.

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