Case Study: Game Plan Insights 2.0

Product Design, UX Design, Project Management
Project Overview
The Game Plan product needed a refresh to better connect to athletes. This meant the addition of several new features to help advance Game Plan's primary mission of "Guiding 100% of athletes through 100% of their journey."
My Contributions
  • Product and UX Design
  • Pitch To Senior Leadership
  • Write Software Requirements Specification (SRS) Document
  • Product Management
  • Testing and Prototyping


To reformat the Insights feature of the Game Plan app to better connect Game Plan users, most of which are college athletes, with content from Game Plan's educational partners.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenge: A change in perspective

We had to shift how people saw Game Plan as a product. We were trying to go from a strictly SaaS product to a SaaS product that was also a content hosting platform. This required a strong product design, as well as an ability to sell the future of Game Plan both internally and externally.

solution: make it make sense

As the project began, I was involved in meetings with the senior leadership of our company. I was asked to explain how the concept would work and show prototypes. In addition to demonstrating the product, I also created this video to explain the new concept. This was a video I designed, edited, and voiced over.

Challenge: Feeding the engine

Since we were now asking content partners to upload content, we also needed a way to make that content discoverable. This meant that we had to work with our development team to create a recommendation engine so that the "Titles for You" feature could help athletes find content that matched their needs and interests. We also went through a series of prototypes to discover how to display this content. We learned that individual podcast episodes would not be able to display in the "Titles for You" or in Expert Network Channel because they first had to be accessed by the corresponding RSS feed.

solution: streamline the design

We moved the RSS feed to the Insights Library so that episodes and pages would load faster. We also added Blogs to give content partners more flexibility in what content they can show to athletes.

Challenge: bring partners into game plan

Asking content partners to upload content had to be easy. We wanted to create a system that made it so any one of our content partners could easily access Game Plan and add content to their page. Typically, this kind of task could only be done by Game Plan team members. We wanted to put the power in organizations' hands to move as fast as they can, without a middleman.

solution: insights manager

I designed the Insights Manager, an easy user flow for content partners to update their page and reach out directly to athletes on Game Plan.


A product that allowed content partners to connect directly with Game Plan athletes.

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