Creative Direction

Design is where the "wow" meets "how". My goal as a creative director is to help my team reach its goals in a way that captures your attention and stays in your memory. Highlighed here is some of my work from my time as a Creative Lead in college football recruiting. I worked for two Division 1 NCAA FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) schools, East Carolina University (2016-2019) and the United States Naval Academy, also known as Navy Football (2019-2021). This is a highly competitive field where my work was meant to be seen by thousands, but particually catch the eye of college football recruits. Think of it as a hyper-specific marketing role, where I was tasked to generate high-quality leads for a job that has many applicants and very few who can actually perform.

Case Study Examples:

Each of these case studies will give you some insight into how I think about design and what challenges, opportunities, and solutions my team and I found along the way.

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